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Knobs and Fader Caps

Knobs and Fader Caps Image
Replace that missing knob or fader cap that's always catching your eye and make your equipment look great again.

We have all shapes and sizes, all colours and all types of control caps for t-bar, t and other fader types. Also, to suit all diameter and length of shafts on potentiometers or encoders.

We can supply knobs with legends or without - for some encoders and endless rotation styles. We can also supply conductive fader caps for control surfaces where automation is used and touch sensitivity is required

We've got almost everything you can imagine, and we have them in green, red, blue, grey, yellow, black, brown, silver, chrome..........
Knobs and Fader Caps
Tascam Button Set Image

Tascam Button Set
For the MD-801P, MD-801R or DA-30MkII

Tascam rotary control Image

Tascam rotary control
Suits many cassette & DAT recorder models

Denon Pitch Fader Cap Image

Denon Pitch Fader Cap
For many DJ CD/MP3 players

Denon DN-2000F LTD pitch fader cap Image

Denon DN-2000F LTD pitch fader cap
For the Limited Edition DN-2000F MkII

Tascam DP01FXCD Headphone knob Image

Tascam DP01FXCD Headphone knob
Knob for rotary control of headphone volume