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The fader bank is where you can browse our wide selection of professional audio faders.

From 100mm motorised and manual line faders to compact 60mm types and DJ mixing desk cross faders to FX and group faders of all sorts, you will find all popular values, profiles and types here.

All our faders are sourced as OEM items. This means that if you order a fader for a Mackie mixing desk, we will be supplying you with the exact switch, sourced directly from Loud Technologies.

This applies to the entire stock. We do not support spurious suppliers and we insist on the original item to the exact specification of the manufacturer. We achieve this by buying our stock directly from each respective product manufacturer rather than from a generic fader manufacturer.
Denon Pitch Fader Image

Denon Pitch Fader
For model DN-2000F and DN-1000F

10KA Line Fader Image

10KA Line Fader
Dynacord, Midas, Soundcraft, Spirit etc. Widely used

Alps 100mm VCA fader Image

Alps 100mm VCA fader
10K VCA channel fader

Denon DJ mixer input fader Image

Denon DJ mixer input fader
For Ch 1-4 on DN-X400

Pioneer DJ mixer fader Image

Pioneer DJ mixer fader
Suits many different CMX models in the Pioneer DJ mixer range