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From a needle to an anchor as the well known saying goes! Here we have a myriad of electronic components for all kinds of professional audio equipment. If you are in a position to carry out your own repairs, this is the place to source original spare parts and components.

From bridge rectifiers, capacitors, diodes and resistors to fuses, transistors, I.C's and relays, we have them all. We've also got a range of valves (tubes) from power valves as used in amplification output stages to signal valves used in microphone preamps and other compressors and effects units.

As usual, please note that we can supply almost any component, so what is listed here is by no means the extent of our arsenal. So, if you are looking for ANYTHING, just ask us. We'll usually surprise you with a YES.
CD player motor control IC Image

CD player motor control IC
Widely used in Denon, Pioneer, Numark etc. as a motor controller

BC109 Image

NPN transistor

BC179 Image

PNP transistor

7805 Regulator Image

7805 Regulator
78 Series +5 volt regulator

7905 Image

79 Series -5 volt regulator

7812 Image

78 Series +12 volt regulator

7912 Image

79 series -12 volt regulator

7815 Image

78 series +15 volt regulator

7915 Image

79 series -15 volt regulator

S4VB 4A 200V Bridge Rectifier Image

S4VB 4A 200V Bridge Rectifier
Full bridge rectifier package capable of 4 amps @ 200 volts

Sony CXD2525Q Image

Sony CXD2525Q
Encoder/Decoder used in Minidisc recorders

Tascam DA-88 Capstan Motor Image

Tascam DA-88 Capstan Motor
Capstan motor complete

Denon Turretto motor Image

Denon Turretto motor
Motor with worm gear, used in Denon DCM series

LM3886T Image

Encapsulated audio amplifier IC

MAX1232 Image


MJ11015 Image

PNP power transistor

MJ11016 Image

NPN power transistor

Marantz CD5400 upgrade Image

Marantz CD5400 upgrade
Kit to upgrade power supply in the Marantz CD5400 CD player

NE5532 OpAmp TL072 5532 Image

NE5532 OpAmp TL072 5532
Common Audio Operational Amplifier