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LCD & FL Displays

LCD & FL Displays Image
Nearly everything has a screen these days and they are often unique, custom designs. We can source and supply almost any display module for almost any professional audio product. Here we list the most popular ones but as we keep saying, if it's not here, please ask as we can get it for you.

From on-air playout machines to nightclub DJ CD and MP3 players, we have access to original manufacturer spare parts. From guitar effects units, compressors and pre-amps etc. If it has a display that's died, we can supply a brand new one for you.

Regardless of the product, from stage pianos to usb controllers with screens, they are all available and we can supply them at the best prices around. Just ask if the display you need isn't listed.
LCD & FL Displays
Pioneer CDJ Digitron Display Image

Pioneer CDJ Digitron Display
CDJ Flourescent Display

Pioneer CDJ-800 MkII Main Display Image

Pioneer CDJ-800 MkII Main Display
CDJ-800 MK2 main display unit

Tascam MD-801R Front panel PCB Image

Tascam MD-801R Front panel PCB
MD-801R front panel PCB complete with FL tube display.