For bands and live performance we can repair your guitar amplifiers, bass heads, combo units, effects pedals and all PA equipment as well as electronic keyboards / pianos
Expert Knowledge
A Unique Irish Company
We repair equipment used in radio & TV broadcast. From on-air & production mixing desks to all outboard. Also air-chain processors & power transmission / STL equipment.
Everything you would find in a professional recording studio can be repaired at Fixtronix. HDD / SS recorders, control surfaces, firewire/usb sound modules, condenser mics etc.
DJ's & Venues
We offer a repair service to DJ mixers, CD players and all related professional products for music delivery such as MP3 players, minidisc recorders, turntables and power amplifiers
Fixtronix was established by David Smyth in 1996 to create a locally owned and operated service business catering to the evolving Irish broadcast sector.

From his experience working at the highest technical engineering level in commercial radio stations such as FM104 and Atlantic 252, David identified the requirement for a repair centre catering to the specialist needs of end users in the professional audio industry

Such a company did not exist in Ireland and equipment was being shipped abroad for repair, resulting in additional cost and delays for Irish people in need of a prompt repair service for their mission critical equipment.
Fixtronix has forged relationships with all the leading manufacturers of professional audio who take the Irish market seriously. Today we are the official Irish service partner or authorised service centre for all of the leading brands.

Through our on-going policy of technical training, as well as a commitment to investment in modern service aids & test equipment, we remain at the forefront of the industry as it rapidly evolves. We continue to specialise in component level fault finding and we have extensive equipment for all modern surface mount technology (SMT).

Our client list is as diverse as it is long, from state & independent broadcasters, leading musical equipment and professional audio retailers and installers, bands, DJ's, Live Venues, theatres, musicians and enthusiasts.
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